Do i have daddy issues?

Do i suffer from this so called ‘disease’ known to everyone as daddy issues? of course i do. Since i can remember me and my dad have been arguing about the smallest detail or issues about our lives. He claims that i am very lazy, which is true of course but should he always tell me that or encourage me as his son to become more productive? This is usually my problem. i tend to think there is a thin line between positive criticism and just utter bullshit. If you catch me doing something I’m not supposed to do and you tell me straight up it is wrong, that is positive, but if you find me relaxing and watching TV during the evening and you tell me i am wasting electricity that is a whole lot of crap. parents should learn to discipline and criticize their children properly. before lashing out your punishment you should first get to understand the reason behind your child’s actions in the first place. If a child does something wrong should it be punished? Yes of course but in a positive way which will make the child know that it is not right to do whatever it did.

Another reason why i have daddy issues is sibling rivalry. I have come to believe that i am the black sheep in my family for various reason which might seem petty to you but i took them personally. Take for instance out of all three of us, i am the only one who has never been bought for a bicycle when we were kids. It sounds kiddish but i actually felt angry for a very long period during my junior just because of that. Another ‘petty’ example i can give is that i was the only one who went to boarding school when i was in primary school while my other two siblings went to day schools.

The truth is i don’t really hate my father i just resent him at times. despite this the only valuable thing he has ever told me is that the only thing he can offer me is education and nothing else. In my opinion i think he would like it if i graduated from university, which i will although i haven’t yet figured out the path I’ll take after, and that will be his greatest achievement i.e. taking his children through school. What i don’t agree with is that he likes comparing my intellect with my siblings intellect which is not okay with me. people were born differently and having different IQ levels and at times i wish i could shove that fact through his mouth. i also have some fault since i miss classes and CATs in school but i think i do it just to punish him for comparing me with my other siblings.

Don’t get me wrong, i do love my two siblings and my father but what i can say is that i am not the only one with this kind of an issue. what i can advice you is to man up and take bits of the advice you are given with your parents as you move on through life. Believe me, parents know best.



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