My last six months

Ever had that feeling that she is hiding something? i know right?. honestly i get this feeling a lot because i ‘think’ i have trust issues. New relationships always bring something new to the table but something new doesn’t make it interesting as such. There are always the good times, and the bad times wishing you just left that person. What i have learnt is that if both of you are not sure of what you want you rather not waste each other’s time. What happens when you start getting suspicious? would you rather ask her or just keep it to yourself. Personally i always ask but it always backfires on me and she says i don’t trust her but do i think so? no. What i know for sure is without trust and respect two people cannot go anywhere so i always borrow a leaf from my best friend’s girlfriend who always tells me ‘if it is worth it just stay on’. i making her look like the bad person but i also have fault in this too. I’ve made mistakes that have hurt her and i do regret them. i know for sure that i love her and i hope she loves me too. She has brought something new to me which i hope would last more than the six months so far but all in all her greatest enemy is her anger and mine is my pride. we both have weird friends whom we hang out with who sometimes give us different views about us but at the end of that day the decision is always made by both of us. To make the long story short even if you think she’s a bitch, she is MY bitch nigger


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