Can you take her to the local pub?

Can you take your girlfriend to a local pub just around the corner? Yes i can. One thing i vale in relationships is the term “in good times and in bad times”. I agree that money indeed buys happiness but we should not let it be our center of happiness. I am a student and she is also a student so we are both in the same financial situations, i would like to think that. I know how to treat a lady nicely and show her that i adore her but that doesn’t mean cashing out or ‘balling’ every time. I can buy you Cream Bell ice cream during the ‘nice days’ and i can also buy you mango juice in school during the ‘bad days’. There is a chick i met once and she told me she only takes Jameson whiskey but the irony was that she couldn’t afford it herself. As my girlfriend i tend to believe that we can drink in Tribeka on Fridays but on Monday let’s just go to the pub next to the house and have some ‘normal liquor’ which would not dent my wallet. She should understand and lower her expectations at times and just go with the flow. Furthermore what is the definition of a main chick? I tend to think she’s the chick you’ll drink with at Aqua blue in Westlands and also at the home pub where you sit on crates.


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