I had just come out of the exam room with a big smile on my face saying to myself, i have aced that exam. That is the feeling most of us get after finishing an exam which was not that hard as you had expected and you answered almost all the questions. You feel a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders or you have just been rescued by an angel. I rushed to town to partake in a ‘victory’ drink up with my friends up to the wee hours of the morning then slept like a baby to kill my hangover.

That was two weeks ago and now the results have come out. Shock onto me when i received mine. I almost thought the lecturer had given me the wrong paper. the marks written there were very embarrassing that i just hide that paper in my back pocket and left the class. What happened? Is the question i kept asking myself. Did the lecturer not mark my paper keenly or what seems to be the problem.

Through that ordeal i learnt only one valuable lesson: don’t count your chicks before they hatch.


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