Learning how to say No

“Brian i dont think you are being truthful”, those were the last words my mom told me yesterday evening. Why? I was late to get home that evening. We had a visitor who was travelling from a far away place and she was supposed to stay at our house for a ‘few’ couple of days while she was in Nairobi. My mum had gone for a shrt trip to Nyeri so i was the ‘man’ of the house for the moment.

My role in the visitors visit was i was supposed to take care of her as a guest and i as the host. The problem came in because as she arrived in Nairobi, i was still in school and there was no one to open for her the door at home. Luckily i had left the key at my neighbors place and she was supposed to open the door for her. The drama started and hell broke loose as my mother kept calling me asking where i was and that i should prepare food for the guest. She said i was lying to her because i wasnt telling her where i was and yet the guest was just at home waiting for me.

Was i at fault? Yes. Am i a lair? Sometimes. My weakest personality is that i dont respond well to pressure and at times i make promises i can’t keep just ask anyone who knows me. If i tell you i am coming just believe that i am even though maybe i will arrive late. I’m a bad time keeper because i have too many commitments or in slang ‘form hutokea time yoyote’. Let me give you an example; i am supposed to meet up with you at 3pm but my girlfriend calls me up for a drink up. What do you think i will do? I will first go for the drink up and then later on meet up with you. This will mean that i will be late and you will have to wait for me longer than we planned. Of course you will be angry but that is just my personality i tend to think so; i dont know how to say NO.

It is a habit i am trying to desist and stop. It has really affected my social life because people tend to think i am a big liar which i am not, i just dont know how to say no. I can promise someone the world and yet i still live in my mum’s house. At times it is that serious just because i dont know how to utter the word NO.


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