Morning Dilemma

It was 5:30Am and my alarm just went off. i felt like dying and just snoozed it for thirty more minutes so that i could finish ‘my dream’. This was actually one of those moments where i gambled on whether i should go to class or not. Ever had that gut feeling that just tells you to just sleep and not go to school? I usually have those especially when i have an early class.

I eventually woke up just because i knew my mum would give me a lashing of why i haven’t gone to school and yet the fees is so damn expensive. I was ready by 6:30 and i left the house.

This is now where my anger comes in. After all that hustle of waking up early, getting ready and fighting for a seat in a matatu, the lecturer did not show up. She didn’t even have an excuse of why she didn’t come to class she just sent a text message to the class representatives that there will be no class.

I felt like punching someone in the throat. How could she do this to me? My problem wasn’t because the lecturer didn’t show up for class but where i will go to this early morning. Do you have any idea of how weird it is to call someone 9 in the morning asking them where they are?

I had nowhere to go, on one to talk to and nothing to do. So what was my next plan? I just logged on to my laptop and wrote this post.


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