Exam Fever!

It is that time of the semester again. I am so anxious that i can feel my heart throbbing. Why? Exams. This is usually the hardest part of my life. This is because i don’t want to disappoint the person who has toiled so hard to pay my school fees and i also have a future to look out for personally.

I have never had the answer to why i fear exams so much and yet i have a whole semester i.e. four months to read for it. During the start of the semester, April seemed so far that most of us just joke around or ‘YOLO’ saying that we still have time. We gate crush parties, miss lectures to hang out with that hot chick you have been after for a while and club hop into all the clubs in Westlands on weekends.

Cat’s are not much a bother since most of us pass them and some of us just copy paste what the person next to you has written. Fast forward to the April 26th and i have an exam tomorrow. I can’t even watch the latest episode of Game Of Thrones because of this exam i have tomorrow, dammit.

What amazes me is that i never learn and this cycle will go on in the next semester. My advice to all of you, just don’t fail tomorrow’s exam for God’s sake.


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