Define loyalty. My definition is sticking to a covenant or decision you have made no matter what. I tend to think loyalty is in all creatures that can breathe. Even animals have their own sort of loyalty they adhere to although this blog isnt about animals.

I believe that i cannot live without it. If you are my friend, it is because you are loyal to me. I dont think you can call someone who isnt loyal your friend because they can stab you in the back anytime. Your better half should also be loyal to you. If she ain’t loyal then nigger run as fast as you can. Why tag a girl who isnt loyal and plays side games, she can even infect you with a disease or something dude.

There is also loyalty to a cause. For example i am loyal to my books at the moment because without them i know for sure i’ll get an E. Which is not a very good grade after going to class for four months in a row.

Have a loyal labour day people.


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