Ever wondered why Nairoberry is the best city to be at? In my opinion Nairobi has and has always been the city for opportunities. Everyone from all corners of Kenya is rushing to Nairobi to get their share of the pie called opportunity. We have different places in Nairobi and they are all known for their ‘uniqueness’ which i will try to distinguish here.

For example Embakasi is flooded with car wash’s everywhere. This is like their main economic activity in that side of Nairobi. I can bet my money that the number of cash wash’s have even surpassed the number of vehicles in that neck of the woods. I usually have one question i normally like to ask them, if everyone opens a cash wash who will wash your car?

Eastlands on the other hand is known for its state of the art transport vehicles better known as matatus. When you board one of our matatus you will definitely be entertained by a surround music system, a flat screen TV and of course free WI-FI. The graffiti engraved in these buses are out of this world and it has even caught the world’s eye.

Westlands is considered the best part of Nairobi per see. It is the party life of Nairobi. If you have a few extra coins which you want to spend on some fun then this is the place to be. I have frequented this area during the night parties and believe me it never disappoints. This is where the young, old, rich, middle class and even the ‘safara’ ,meet with only one intention; to party.

The hood i normally dislike but have to talk about is Langata. This place is crazy and not in a good way. From their heavy traffic to frequent muggings. If you don’t have anything to do please don’t visit this place. I have even heard of stories where the conductor and bus driver liaise to drug and rob their passengers. Although the biggest concerts are held on this side of Nairobi when big acts knock on door, they normally end badly. You will never miss to hear someone was robbed or something like that.

The last but not least hood which is popularly known is South C.It is proclaimed that the best acts in the music scene started or reside in this area. It is known for its youthful and to say the truth majority of the population here is the young middle class. This is the area you will find a young man aged around 28 driving a Range Rover super charged.

Nairobi west is now the definition of crazy.First of all the rent in this area is unrealistic. How can someone pay forty thousand shillings for a three bed-roomed house, i would rather take a mortgage and buy the damn house. Nairobi west is also known for its alcoholism and chewing of khat. I don’t even think people here buy bread and milk since wines and spirit shops dominate this area. People are always drinking or chewing khat in this neck of the woods.

That was my definition of how Nairobi is. Have an awesome week Nairobians!!imagesindex


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