Boredom Strikes

I am not that kind of person who likes to associate fun with certain days of the week. I tend to believe that boredom strikes can get you even on a Friday or Saturday evening.

For starters most people hate Mondays because they say it’s the start of the week and Friday seems so far away. To be honest majority of these cluster of people don’t even have jobs or somewhere to go to so i suggest they just shut up and sulk on whatever they have going on in their lives. Why curse on poor Monday and yet you’ll just sleep the whole day.

Nowadays Thursdays is the new Friday. This is the day most clubs in Nairobi are full of patrons you might think they aren’t going to work on Friday. The ‘mature’ crowd says that they prefer to drink up on a Thursday since Friday is for the ratchet college students who are not in the same class as them. This statement holds some bit of truth but in my opinion it is also utter bullshit. If i can afford a Johnnie Walker black label just like someone who is working, i tend to think we are in the same social class.

Back to the main topic which was boredom. Last night i was insomnia meaning that i woke up early today today. I just kept rolling over in my bed hoping and praying that sleep would capture and take me away but nothing like that happened. I just got out of bed and straight to the couch to watch some cartoon since it usually cheers me up.

I never knew that time would drag itself like this. Every time i looked at my watched it was still nine o’ clock. I did everything from washing, mopping and even cooking breakfast but it was still nine o’ clock.

I tried to go for a walk but that didn’t help that much. I watched a movie but i got bored half way through it so i stopped. What next? I wondered. My advise to you, always have a plan for a day or else you will just end up like me staring at the ceiling just wishing this day would end as fast as it started.


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