Anger Management.

What is anger? As humans this is a feeling we must endure no matter what. Take notice that there’s a difference between anger issues and being angry. Anger issues is like a bad side of someone which comes out every so often even with the slightest provocation, this kind of person can even get mad just because his wife put four spoons of sugar instead of three in his tea. Being angry on the other hand is the normal urge you feel when someone or something has wronged you.

So how do you deal with anger?I for instance just take my earphones and take a walk as i listen to music. I also like to take naps often because i won’t over-think and so my level of anger will reduce.

I will try not to judge but i have seen weird ways of how people deal with their anger.I have once seen my friend punch a wall several times because he was angry that his phone was stolen. It looked insane since he was hurting himself in the process of relinquishing or taking out his anger. Other people ‘like’ to cry when they are angry. One day when we were coming back home from school my neighbor caught his girlfriend pants down cheating on him, he was so angry and disappointed that he just sat down on a staircase and started crying. I felt sad for the dude though since he ignored all the signs that the girl wasn’t loyal. My last example i would use is a certain girl i met last year and we have been tight since then. This girl is a dragon when she gets mad and believe me you don’t want to get near her at this time. There was one time she was so angry because the mobile phone repairer she took her phone to had made it even worse, she gave him a lecture of his life and then threw the phone at him. Yikes.

I am no psychiatrist but i tend to believe that we should all look deep into ourselves and find the true remedy for our anger.The best advice i give to people is when you are angry just indulge yourself in your hobby or something that you enjoy to do. It might be watching a movie, listen to music, going for a swim or even playing tennis. Some go to the furthest extent to drinking themselves silly but i tend to think it is only fools who are depressed that do this.


One thought on “Anger Management.”

  1. Nice read – I like the no-nonsense, candid way u follow while writing.
    As for me, I tend to focus on my hobbies or cry it out when I get angry.
    Yeah, there are times when I do feel I get unreasonable, but I m trying to overcome it.
    Good Post. Keep it up

    The Copper Chick


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