Season of anguish

I know this is the hot topic right now in Nairobi but damn me if i didn’t also mention it. The past few days or weeks have been hell if you reside in Nairobi. The sight of rainy clouds in the sky causes people to shiver and be scared as if the messiah is coming. To be honest i can’t blame them. You cannot even wash your handkerchief in this kind of weather, believe me i tried. It has gotten to a point that i wake up when it’s raining and go back to sleep while it is still raining or drizzling.

I left the house today at nine since i had an eleven o’ clock class. I thought two hours was enough to get to school but i was wrong. I have actually arrived in school at midday and it is because the driver of the matatu used ‘panya routes’ to evade the traffic snarl up.

The budget for transport this month has also increased since conductors and rain have one thing in common; reigning terror on innocent citizens. sincerely how could the fare rise by 100% just because it’s raining?

I also haven’t been to any social event so far since there is a rule that states that you can’t party while it is raining. Major events such as the concluded Groove awards have also been affected by this rain to an extent that the event was delayed by three hours and some DJ’s had to be airlifted to the concert because of the traffic snarl up.

In my opinion this is the season that we should all remain indoors and the TV and duvet should be our best friend. Honestly speaking i would kill to stay at home and tuck into my duvet the whole day with a cup of hot coffee in my hand. Another remedy that can work is snuggling or cuddling with your girlfriend or wife but this applies to the select few who even have a girlfriend to start with, sorry single fellas. As for me that won’t be possible at the moment since I’ve resumed classes, maybe next time.

Happy rainy season everyone.


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