You are not what you listen to.

Do i like reggae music? Yes. Do i enjoy listening to it? At times. A friend chick of mine one day found me searching for reggae videos on YouTube and wondered what the hell i was doing. This is when she told me that she thinks reggae music is ratchet and that she can’t date someone who listens to it.

Her words left me thinking. Can you get to the extent of judging people according to the music they listen to? For sure i know that reggae is associated with rowdy people and fist fights during concerts. To be honest  i appreciate the reggae music and it’s culture but i am not that much of a die hard fan of it.

I love hip-hop music which is associated with wearing of over sized clothes and disrespecting women in the society. RnB music is associated with love and relationship while the new found house music is associated with fun and general hype.

Music lovers tend to change their preferences according to the trends in the society. I for starters cannot be left behind when a new ‘brand’ of music comes along and sweeps people off their feet in the dance floor.

I remember three years ago you would enter a club and all night the DJ could only play reggae music or riddims. Times have changed and nowadays it is either house music or dupstep, if not just shut the hell up.

As social beings i had to change to the current trend meaning i had to update my playlist. It now only contains music that is fashionable to everyone’s ears and hence i won’t look out of place.

Back to my topic, i think it is a bad idea to stereotype someone with the kind of music they listen to. You can listen to reggae and still be a nice person who is not violent. You can also listen to hip-hop and not call women bitches or disrespect them in public. You can also be the trendy person who listens to dupstep and yet you are a serial killer. Yikes.

Advice of the day: don’t judge people by the kind of music they listen to. Have a music week people.



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