The present + The future

There is a saying i heard that goes ‘what we do in our youth will come back to us in old age’. I tend to both agree and disagree with the wise person who mentioned these words.

For starters there are certain things which are just obvious like when you save while in your youth, that money will cater for you when you are old.

That is not what holds the water in my idea though. i want to talk about those negatives aspects which i think are serious and some overrated. I know for sure that when you are young you can make impulsive stupid decisions which can haunt you later on in life. For example if you tattoo your whole arm or body when you are young you will look fashionable and trendy but when you are old your grand kids will ask you what happened to your skin since it will look really bad trust me. I also believe that our social lives also have a role to play in this discussion. If you were that kind of person who would flirt with every tom, dick and harry, you might carry this behavior to your grave. If you were a whore then trust me your situation is worse. I was told that even if you reform those ‘bad moments’ will tend to flash in your memory once in a while.

My purpose of writing is not to judge people’s actions but rather justify if it is really true our present and future are linked in every aspect of our lives. Indeed it is true they are linked but not in all aspects. For starters it doesn’t mean that because i drink alcohol now means that automatically I’ll have liver cirrhosis.

Have a fabulous weekend peeps.


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