Each time is always a lesson

As days go by my ‘to do list’ is getting shorter and shorter. There are things I used to do back then that I now consider childish. There are advantages and disadvantages of being of age but I won’t dwell on this area that much. I want to skip to the agenda of the day which is how I handle breakups as I get old.
To be honest most people don’t handle their first relationship that well. I don’t even know if my first relationship was really a relationship or if we were friends with benefits. During that period most of us are very new to this ‘thing’ and hence we don’t know what to expect, give or even what we expect to receive.
In my view most relationships are broken because of misunderstood perceptions which cannot be openly talked about. In my youth I thought being in a relationship was just about the sex and nothing else. Period. As I grew older my definition of a relationship changed from sex to partnership and then later on to companionship.
What most people don’t forget is their ‘first. This is the first time their hearts are broken by the one person they loved and thought they would be eternal. It usually hurts the first time especially if the other person was the one who did you wrong.
Back in the days when I broke up with someone I used to curse them with the ‘f’ word and all other nasty things. Even though I was the one at fault I didn’t even care. At that time my motto was ‘these whores aint loyal’.
These days I like to salvage my friendship even though my relationship didn’t work. I tend to believe that in this short life our paths will cross again one time and maybe the tables too would have turned.
To cut the long story short, even though your relationship didn’t work out, try and save your friendship because you never know. Just be the bigger person for once.


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