I want to move out. That’s always what we say when we are at loggerheads with our parents. Every argument always ends with those five words. I’ve been out of the nest for a while now, like almost a year and it didn’t turn out as i expected. Believe me.

Lesson learnt. It’s always nice to start your own life but at the right time and at your own pace. Don’t dive into that ocean if you don’t know how to swim. There’s a lot of stuff out here which you’ll experience and find it hard or shocking for you. There’s a Swahili saying, ‘asiye funzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu’, “what your mother didn’t teach you, the world will teach you”.

Nevertheless, there’s that age when you really have to move out. You can’t be twenty-five years old and you still live with your parents. It just doesn’t make sense.

What I’ve learnt is that there’s no greater feeling in this world than spending your own money. That should be your motto if you really want to move out and start your own life. don’t move out then ask for rent money every end of the month. We all need our freedom but there’s a price to pay. Take it slow, one step at a time.


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