Definition of our paths.

Our success in life comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. Most of us have different ways of measuring success and if they haven’t reached that ‘point’, then they haven’t succeeded yet.In our African context success is measured by either two things; the number of Degrees you have or your account balance. The latter is actually makes more sense to us than the first one.

When you are born you are taken to school. You are given this mindset that in order for you to succeed you must work on your grades, finish school and get a job. That is the end of the narrative. When you leave your parent’s nest and start to ‘hustle’ is when you realize that things are not as they seem and that the narrative was mostly false.

My measurement for success is how happy you are in life. Do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t bother anyone. You can argue that it is only people who are hopeless in this life that can say that but i tend to disagree. You can live in a one bedroom apartment, drive a decent car and still be happy.

Criticism is important but only when it is positive. Don’t let people be always on your case, i don’t mean that you become rebellious but just walk a righteous path if you know what i mean. Don’t let people define you, create your own path in life and remember to try and be happy no matter what.


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