Don’t overlook things

It was a Friday evening and everything was going according to plan so far. Drinks on set, everyone looking nice, the ambience was okay and the mood was also perfect. It thought it would be just like any other normal Friday evening but what i didn’t know was this day has its surprise. The night was young and so was she.

First forward to a few weeks or months later and you start having all these questions on your mind. I have found myself on this spot  a couple of times and so are other people, I’m sure of it. I won’t call it jumping into the bandwagon but i would rather use the word hope, yes having hope.

Ever heard of the song we found love in a hopeless place? I’m sure you have. My opinion is that i like holding my cards close to my chest so that my opponent doesn’t know my next move. My opponent here being my significant half. Most people live their lives as if playing chess, others would like to be precise or sure as to what they are doing but i like flowing with the wind for lack of a better word.

I tend to believe men and women have different thinking capacities, not implying any of the two is stupid. Most women look for life partners the first time they glance at you but men look for friendship first. I won’t get into the arguments they have because believe me they are always heated and we both know who always wins the arguments between the two.

I can’t judge the person i am with based on my past relationships but a woman would certainly do. She will start criticizing you saying all these crazy things that her ex used to do and you are also repeating the same things, whether it is the sex, your conversations or even the way you sleep. They always have this thing of comparing the past to the present.


Long story short, the past is a lesson to be learnt and not something to judge yourself on every other time. Work on yourself and continue on strong. If not people will be right to judge you based on your past. If you are in a relationship, don’t let your past ruin your present. You might have found your price charming or princess and yet you are too stupid looking at the past and comparing it to the present.


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