Every obnoxious act is a cry for help

It was in the wee hours of the morning when i heard two loud bangs at the door. All of us in the house woke up wondering who was this early guest. The first thing that we heard from our ‘early’ visitor was ‘where is my money’. Let me retrace this story a bit. A friend of mine has a girlfriend whom she had borrowed some money a while back and she had come that early to get back the loan after an argument they had the previous night. That was a sneak pick of their relationship.

This brings me my topic of today, should you return what you were given by someone special after you’ve parted ways. I won’t lie to you because i have been in such a situation and i wanted all my stuff even the ones i bought for her as presents. As soon as we called it quits i wanted everything back.  Did that make me a less of a man? I can’t really answer that. I’ve seen a lot of my friends and people at large dealing differently with break-ups but the most exciting part if i may say is how some people go overboard.

Like my friend who I’m talking about. They have broken up like three times and every time it is the same story line. After they’ve had a disagreement, either one of them demands to be given back what they gave the other. In one occasion i can remember the girlfriend furiously asking him to give her the fifty shillings he gave him to buy airtime. Keep in mind this is the amount she was asking for the day she stormed into our house early in the morning. There is another time when she gave him a loan in the morning but during the day they had a small fight and she demanded to be paid back the loan instantly. It was quite a funny scenario.

We all learn from our past mistakes but  repeating the same mistake is not welcomed at all. Most of us have been in a situation where we want the other person to feel the pain we are feeling so we take every chance we get to kick back. That is why we even ask for obnoxious things like the presents we gave out when the love was still strong. In my personal experience, that will not make the pain go away but make things even worse. The best remedy is to let everything be and try to move on with your dignity intact. Don’t start being dramatic.

Best of luck and remember that you shouldn’t make a decision when angry such as asking for stuff you already gave out. You will always regret it later on and it won’t make the pain go away.


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