Humble pie

humble pieWhen on top it’s hard to ever imagine that you will slip and fall down one day. You assume that everyday is going to be the same notwithstanding the changes happening around you. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air up there that confuses people or it’s because they are alone up there and don’t have people who can give them a reality check once in a while.
We’ve seen people chest thumping themselves only to later literally eat humble pie. I tend to think this is the best recipe us humans have ever been served. Humble pie can make even the mightiest feel so humiliated and down to earth. This is actually the part i get you laugh when they come back with their tail in the middle of their legs.
‘I will never lose to that guy no matter what. I am always in the business of winning.’These words were uttered by someone who thought that he was the sheriff in town only to later on be given a reality check and have to retract later on after a thorough defeat. This is just one example of the many experiences we’ve had with people who brag about something and then later on take a rain check after they were proved wrong.The best remedy for humble pie is to first of all never put yourself in that situation in the first place. Humble pie is not the best dish you would like to be served with so just measure your words all the time.
We should learn to live within our boundaries and never cross other people’s boundaries without their permission. That is the best advice i can give to avoid the embarrassment that comes after being served humble pie.


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