Putting the truth into consideration

The truth is a bitch. It is like an itch you can’t reach with your hand to scratch. It has stabbed me several times and the wounds don’t heal quickly. It is important to be told the truth though but how you take it is what shows your level of maturity. It is normal to get angry and feel hurt, which means the point was taken home. If it has no effect on you then what you were told is not really the truth. I’m not talking about the simple stuff like being told that your zipper is not tied but the deep stuff which really has an impact on you like when you are told that you are not really as good as you think you are in whatever you do. Something that will touch a nerve. The truth which makes your stomach boil.
My first reaction is always anger. I get so mad that I cannot even talk with anyone for a while. The anger I believe is usually caused by disbelief. Imagine all your life you have always believed that you are very good in art only for someone to come along and tell you that you are not. The person even goes further by telling you that what you consider as art is actually just childish stuff which you need to polish. A sentiment like that is so deep.
After the sentiments have sunk in, I try making a few changes but according to my own judgment after the bomb is dropped. I also take into consideration the opinion or character of the person telling me this so called truth. Someone once tried convincing me that my English is not good and that I should try to change it. I didn’t listen to him because he was lying and just trying to hurt me. I knew this because I had scored an A in English in my O level exams so between the teacher and him who was saying the right thing? I think you know the answer to that question already. Some people out here are just bad by nature and they will take every chance they get to hurt you.
If someone is truly sincere then you should sit down and think for a minute about his or her sentiments towards you. Ignorance is also expensive. Someone might be genuinely helping you but instead of seeing that you focus on the individual rather than what they are saying and this makes you miss the whole point. For example I always tell my friends the truth when it comes to their grooming. I always tell them the truth if what they are wearing to go to work is not presentable and I also compliment them if they are properly groomed. Ask yourself why that person thought of that about you, let it sink in, then make your decision on how you will correct the mistake which has been pointed out. Sometimes I think the other party is unfair towards me and I immediately shutdown all my emotions apart of anger which at this point is overflowing out of my heart and clouds my judgment. When the anger has faded out is when I realize or start seeing what the other person saw in me and I correct the mistake.
I must say that it really takes guts to correct a mistake which someone has pointed out to you. If you manage, kudos to you. I changed my interpersonal relationship with other people after a girl I was after told me that I was really bad in communication and that is why I repulsed her. I hided the warning and did something about it. Funny enough even the people who weren’t talking to me before are now doing so after I did something about my communication. I’ve always asked myself what would have happened if I didn’t do anything about it and just saw that girl as a hater. Some people shelf themselves in a cocoon and think every other person is the one at fault except them which is not good. That is actually not the appropriate reaction believe me. No man is an island. We live in a society that is filled with human beings and not dogs. You must learn to socialize with people meaning you will have to learn that every person’s opinion matters. At the same time, the decision lies squarely to you. You can decide to make changes or not, the fact is we are all not the same.
Have a truthful day people.


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